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Team and game vs Toulouse

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You can shuffle a small pack of backs but it will be the same result 

Posted : 20/03/2023 8:14 pm
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Solution go out and sign a few loaned players. Other clubs are doing it and we haven't replaced Josh Johnson or Will Evans. 

Posted : 20/03/2023 9:46 pm
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Maybe Grady at centre with Lawton returning could be an option 

Posted : 21/03/2023 1:32 am
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Grady was instrumental in Ince's try in the corner! Just his presence and size drew defenders.

All in all a hard game with massive effort showing that we can compete at the top if we want to. A few mistakes and under par performances etc which will no doubt be investigated but generally an increase in intensity required by Toulouse's line speed.

Matty Fozzard had a blinder, another pass was a loss but there were a lot of plusses.

We can also look to be improving as players like Gilmore etc return ready for a late push!


Posted : 21/03/2023 10:15 am
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Maybe Kear decided to rest both Lawton and Bent for the game, after resting Grady, Hatton and Amor (18th man), with Owen an unused substitute. Kear also mentioned squad rotation in his post match interview after the cup game.

Unlike last year, there is some flexibility in the forwards for squad rotation/injury cover. The same cannot be said for the backs. In my view, we need to stick with the players currently available, barring further injuries - Owens, Ince, Fleming, Edge, Dixon. That leaves us Gilmore, Brookes, Holroyd, Roberts and Millar. with Roberts being the only centre and Brookes being the only one currently available.

if we have ambitions for a top 6 finish (or higher), we must be aiming to win the next three games against Newcastle, Swinton and Barrow and then, with current injured players returning, looking to cement our top 6 place and a decent cup run.

I would hope that the Club have potential loan signings already identified - or maybe even a season long signing, preferably - in the event of further injuries in the coming games.

Posted : 21/03/2023 11:07 am
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Posted by: @frankg

What a good game yesterday and one we could and maybe should have won. If Toulouse are supposed to be the best in this league, then we are not far off that level. Just shows how open the league will be this year.

Not a bad crowd of just over 3,000 for a Saturday afternoon game, including the car load from France. 



Yes, not sure we will get that close to them in France, though!!


Posted : 22/03/2023 1:06 pm
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I see Ashall is out for the season.Terrible luck with injuries that lad.

Posted : 30/03/2023 4:25 pm
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