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MotM v Fax

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Wondering who people who went the game today thought MotM was?

Dupree sounded like he was involved in everything, whilst Olly Davies sounded like he gave his all too?

Topic starter Posted : 13/02/2022 5:23 pm
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Doro for me. Though Dupree, Davies, Fozard or Smith would all be credible shouts. 

Posted : 13/02/2022 5:32 pm
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Never went but listened to every second of it, which at times was very nervy but from Jame’s commentary Doro had a great game but Davies played the full eighty minutes so he must be MOTM. 👍👍

Posted : 13/02/2022 5:52 pm
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Doro for me, made great yards and big contacts all game. It was a real grind of a second half but the lads pulled through after a shaky opening spell after the break. 


Cant fault any of the team today, and think Finnigan got subs right and the selection. I was very negative about Finnigan last season and wanted nothing  more than to see him out of the club when driving home from Whitehaven. But glad the club stuck with him now.


All in all another good away day!

Posted : 13/02/2022 6:21 pm
sandgroper reacted
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Smith or Davies.

Smith looks a completel different player this season. 

Posted : 13/02/2022 6:26 pm
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The value of a few experienced players from the sound of it! Tyler looks as if he is enjoying the challenge!

Agree re-subs. A change in a game like that is always tested by the opposition's 'old heads' and so often leads to a single mistake, which is all that it takes.

Well done lads!!!!

Posted : 13/02/2022 6:28 pm
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Hard to pick out individuals but Smith surely edges it for MOM for his winning drop goal and overall generalship. Ince deserves a mention. He was as active as any forward and was solid as a rock under loads of high kicks. It's true though that Davies and Doro were also outstanding. Joe Edge played well but his fluffing an easy penalty late on when scores were even puts a question mark over his nerve. His name would have been mud if Fax hadn't fluffed their drop goal attempt. 

Posted : 13/02/2022 7:37 pm
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Doro, Dupree and Davies would be my top 3.

Baker put in a shift as well.

I think the reason Finnigan only used two of the subs was so that he could use the 10 interchanges to swap those around, because it was evident how vital they were to winning the wrestle with Fax in the middle. Thought Tangata tried a few cheap shots?

I thought Craven's kicking, especially at the end of the first half, was superb.

Posted : 13/02/2022 7:40 pm
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The weather evens games up and I feel with warmer drier surfaces we will be a team to beat. Keeping Doro for most of the season is important and seems like team spirit is high. Pascal did predict 4 out 4 and the bookies are wrong with 8th prediction. Passionate Pascal is off to get his leg over now. 💪😂

Posted : 13/02/2022 7:47 pm
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Smith....kicking well and as Craven struggled after injury had to second half.

Right tactics which he led in the conditions and drop goal winner.

Posted : 13/02/2022 7:58 pm
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Smith for me, but the adage "We win as a team, and lose as a team" was never more evident. All put a shift in, and earned their wages. That is all the Fans want, that the players earn their money. Not one backward step taken, all season so far.



Paulie xx

Posted : 13/02/2022 8:11 pm
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I thought Davies was MOM he played well for the full 80 minutes. Closely followed by Dorro. He seems to be a lot better than the last time he was here.

Posted : 13/02/2022 9:43 pm
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Agree with all the above comments but felt Smith edged MOM.Big performances from  Dupree, Davies & Doro.  I thought Ince was the pick of the outside backs. Ran the ball out all match & took every high ball he got peppered with & always remained within the field of play. An excellent all round performance 

He played the full 80 minutes but disappointed Fozzard only ran with the ball on one occasion.

Nice to see us manage the game out towards the end. What a pity Dupree could not get a decent pass out to Edge when he broke clean through in the opening minutes. That would surely have made the job easier.

Great team effort.

Posted : 13/02/2022 10:17 pm
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Difficult to pick anyone out but Doro scored our only try and made a vital line break when we were being closed down late in the second half which intimately won us the game

Posted : 14/02/2022 12:31 am
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For me it was doro if I had to stick my neck out when we went through that 15 minute period where we was on the back foot a little in the second half he was the one flying out whacking people with energy to to try to change the momentum


thought equally Dupree was outstanding again dominating collision and landing on his front Ollie Davies too proping for a spell too


smith and cravens kicking was outstanding had a huge part in our win our chase was brilliant


also thought ince had a great game he got targeted a lot and took everything that was threw at him


overall a great team performance! 

Posted : 14/02/2022 9:22 am
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