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How much?

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Looking at Schoey in the League Express, not that I agree with him that often, and he mentions the delay in sorting out just how much Championship clubs are likely to receive from central funds this season.

It really is a poor way to run a game, keeping clubs in the dark.

Looking at the signings being made by hopeful SL promotion-hunting clubs either they have a hotline to the top or many are taking a risk and spending money they haven't got in the hope of cashing into SL trough.


We look as if we have bought as big as we can reasonably manage without risking the hard earned donations from the supporters. After escaping Administration by the skin of our teeth caution is essential to survival, maybe with more to come in the remaining years of the Board's plan. Possibly a late bonus from the Master's table might enable us to seize a couple of props? 

Topic starter Posted : 06/12/2021 2:46 pm