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    Looking forward to Sunday. The start of the season is always exciting and full of expectation. With a new coach and some new players for the first time in ages, I think there is a real sense of optimism. Who is going to Oldham (or Stalybridge) to cheer us on? Hopefully we should take a big following and get behind the team.

    I think most fans are realistic and based on the perceived strength and depth of the squad plus how we know some of our lads and the competitiors performed last year we are currently a 4th-7th placed team. I am sure our objective is to make the playoffs and then possible build up some money to strengthen come that time and have a real crack at them. I like to be tough on us so would be disappointed if we don’t make 5th as a minimum. It will be very interesting to see how we perform and we certainly need to be beating all of the so called lesser teams (Oldham, Whitehaven, Dewsbury, Batley and even Sheffield, Halifax) if we are to have a good shot at the 5.

    We have a good start with 2 of them lesser teams up first. So we need to start with 2 positives wins before we have the first tough challange in London.

    I think we will start well and Im predicting a 12-34 win for us at the weekend.



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    Agree that we have to be beating Oldham and Batley to go into the London game with some momentum. Don’t think it will be dead straightforward but I do expect us to win on Sunday. I will go for 32-20.

    The Vicar
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    As you say DLM , we need to start well especially with 2 of the weaker teams up first off. I think we’ll have too much for Oldham on Sunday so 36-10 for us is my  shout.

    The Vicar

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    With our superior coach and new players, I don’t think there’s any chance at all of us losing this match.

    My only worry is injuries – we can’t afford to lose any more at present from the low number of players in our squad.

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    Could be awkward, away game, lot of new players…..

    But man for man we look better than them, assuming we don’t play on a mudbath in torrential rain.

    Oldham 18-30 Widnes.

    Up the Chemics…

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    Aye looking forward to getting back out on a Sunday afternoon!

    Im going for a decent score line for the first run out Widnes 40-8 Oldham

    Farnworth Viking
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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I’ll be going on Sunday and be taking 2 others with me. I’m expecting a fairly comfortable win, although bet Fred are only giving Oldham 8 start.</p>

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    Widnes by 26

    Paulie xx


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    I’m confident of a win, as anything else in inconceivable, but by no big margin. Oldham will be out to prove themselves as worthy and who better to make an entrance against but the mighty Vikings!

    Grim weather outlook won’t help and as said, injuries could be the biggest concern on a cold and wet Sunday!

    26-32 a points fest exposing defences!

    There once was a man called Simon Finnegan,
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    Our man Simon Finnegan, begin again

    Get into them
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    Think we will start well but drop off late on in the game but still win by 16 points

    Ditton donkeyDitton donkey
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    Think we will win quite easily, hoping for vikings by 20 plus and no injuries

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    Depending on the weather and pitch:- if dry, us by 30; if wet and muddy, us by 16.

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    Weather could be a big downer on the game ,should have enough to win,as it’s the first game I will happy to get the win and see where we are at

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    11 coming on the short hop from Sheffield.

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    They have a small young squad. I think they will be ok until injuries kick in. I think it will be close. We didn’t blow North Wales Crusaders away. The bookies are normally not too far out.

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