Officials for the Swinton game

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    Sunday 2nd May
    Halton Stadium | KO : 17:15

    J. Smith
    Touch Judge 1
    J. Pullein
    Touch Judge 2
    J. Mcmullen
    Reserve Referee
    A. Billington
    Time Keeper
    A. Brown

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    Ok with me, IMHO Jack Smith is a good referee.

    Thank goodness we only have R Hicks or J Child very infrequently in the Championship

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    Does it matter who officiates ? If the officials are of a poor standard or a good standard then doesn’t that apply to both teams ?

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    If it was a perfect world you’re obviously right Sinbad. However, I don’t think that players or referees  (or me) are perfect and we all can have a one-sided view of the game.

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    He is but he hates Widnes for some reason.   We will get nothing off him mark my words.

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    If we are worrying about the ref in a home game against Swinton, things must be bad! No ref hates Widnes!

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    I don’t think the vast majority of fans – both Widnes and Swinton – are particularly worried about who the officials are for the game. Probably more worried about whether the team can turn around the disastrous start to the season.

    I still believe we can  turn  our form around and finish in the top 6 this season – but I may revise my view later today (again)!!!

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    He is but 1) he hates Widnes for some reason. 2) We will get nothing off him mark my words.

    1) I would suggest there’s (more than) a hint of bias in your comments! What evidence have you to back up this ludicrous statement? 0% at a guess!

    2) A ref is not there to “give” you anything. He’s there to arbitrate in an unbiased manner, and I’ve every confidence that a certain Mr Smith will do that later today.


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