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The Rugby Code under pressure?

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Looking at the publicity that the RU players issue regarding mental health inspired by the game. This could have serious implications for their game and ours if the authorities are seen to be neglectful to players.

Can't see what the authorities could have done tbh. Almost any sport can stress you physically or mentally and rugby tests both, that is why we like it. But the damages in cases like this are so big that it could break the sport financially.

I was a bit surprised that the changes instituted recently didn't shorten the rules back to a 5 metre separation. That would have a major reduction on impact injuries and be an obvious improvement to player safety. From the RFL/NRL 's point of view it would prove their effort to reduce damage.

Topic starter Posted : 01/12/2023 11:03 am
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Rugby in both codes is a game where you are expected to take the injury, suck it up and carry on.  Anyone who has played the game, whatever the level, doesn't make a big thing of it.  It's just the way you are brought up in the game.  But the game now is much more high impact, with bigger players running in faster and harder than ever before.  The results of those impacts have to have an effect on the body. 

And the pressures of International Rugby are far higher in Union than in League as it is much higher profile.  When there is somebody like Owen Farrell, who has been in the spotlight for a long time and has such a crucial role in goal kicking, the pressure is even higher.  It's not surprising it gets to you mentally in the end.

Posted : 06/12/2023 9:18 am
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Re physicality, I'm surprised RU still allows as many subs as it does. Watching the recent WC, there are games where teams effectively change the whole pack in the 2nd half. So, instead of allowing the game to open up as players get tired, there's a whole new set of 18 stone blokes introduced after half-time to set on the guys who've been on the pitch since the start. Doesn't strike me as being in the interest of the player that, or in the interest of an entertaining game. Addressing that might kills a few birds with one stone.

Posted : 07/12/2023 8:32 am
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