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Suspended by the RL


Anyone any ideas what's gone on


Topic starter Posted : 18/02/2020 3:40 pm
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Now OK to resume refereeing (whenever the current situation allows)

"No case to answer"


Posted : 23/03/2020 9:04 am
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Rumoured to be something to with betting. He may have had a few quid on a game other than the one at which he was officiating?

Doesn't compre with Darcy Lawler, the renowned Aussie ref who used to bet on his own games! According to Gibson the great Aussie coach who played in those games. Gibbo was also a bookie and got wind of Lawler's investment. He had a chat with Lawler before the game and warned him against any dodgy penalty awards! Gibson's warning was that he would go public with Lawler's actions.

Lawler was notoriously anti-Brit and manipulated more than one test result, even advising Aussie goalkickers on the field!




Posted : 23/03/2020 10:05 am