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Club Statement

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Statement is dated 28 Feb 2022 and it looks like someone forgot to change the text.


Pasted from the official website:

Tonight we saw more fantastic support from our travelling Widnes fans who once again sang loud to get behind the team from start to finish despite the fact we were soundly beaten. Your support no doubt helped the team this evening in what was a difficult challenge.

The travelling support was typically strong as we have seen at every game so far this season, but the actions of individuals who entered the field after the final hooter has potentially caused serious implications for the club.

We would like to thank the majority of fans who travelled to Leigh and behaved well but will now be in dialogue with the RFL to understand if there will be any sanction to the club due to the actions of a very small minority. As a club we cannot condone such actions and will fully support any potential investigation.

We once again want to reiterate our gratitude for the support shown to us tonight.

Topic starter Posted : 08/02/2024 6:51 pm
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Front page has this:

The Board of Directors of Widnes Vikings Rugby League Club will not tolerate any form of abuse, including verbal abuse directed at any member of our Vikings Community – players,...

but the link points to the old one from Feb 2022.  I'm guessing the intention was to double down on Hamilton's ludicrous linked in post.

Topic starter Posted : 08/02/2024 6:59 pm
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This episode, as the club is a whole, is embarrassing.

Couldn't even release the correct statement. 

Pathetic all round

Posted : 08/02/2024 7:00 pm
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What a bunch of wankers the problem is Hamilton. This the end of our club with that prick as the CEO.  Get out of the club we don't want you. 

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Posted : 08/02/2024 7:32 pm
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The full statement:


The Board of Directors of Widnes Vikings Rugby League Club will not tolerate any form of abuse, including verbal abuse directed at any member of our Vikings Community - players, staff, employees, or volunteers.

Neither will they accept any form of social media interactions that might bring the reputation of the club into disrepute. The Board of Directors will take appropriate action in all cases.

There exist open and available channels of communication available to all connected with our club and we would ask that these be used in the future.


I really don't understand some of the reactions to this on Facebook. The club is condemning the abuse that Hamilton received AND his reaction on social media. 

What else are they meant to do at this stage?

Posted : 08/02/2024 7:38 pm
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Nothing to do with the club statement but if I remember correctly the club was given one last contribution from VIQI for this season which was a decent amount, if that is the case where has that money been spent? 

Posted : 08/02/2024 7:42 pm
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@minicraneman That's fair enough but on the website (we are not all on Facebook) there is a different Club Statement all together that makes no sense and that is the cringing part. Rank amateurism.

Posted : 08/02/2024 7:47 pm
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@vikingsinbradford  I thinks it's fixed now. I can't disagree about the amateur running of the media recently. It's bad even for us.


Posted : 08/02/2024 7:53 pm
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So if this is directed at Hamilton then should we expect to see no more of his personal tweets on club matters?

Or does he think he’s Gary Linekar?

Posted : 08/02/2024 7:57 pm
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replace the parts where is says Man U and Football club and it’s literally all us fans towards Widnes right now

Posted : 08/02/2024 9:00 pm
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This worries me further. 

Widnes haven’t released a statement ever before for a few bad words said at a game. This is Hamilton and it creates an ever increasing gap between him and the fans. Rule is the worst thing to happen to this club in the last 20 years, and several people are starting to compare Hamilton to Rule.  Alarm bells have to be ringing.

My worry comes as this statement confirms that Hamilton is running the rest of the board and dictating the state of play based on his ego. It’s his statement, not the clubs. 

This has probably took 100-200 off the gate on Sunday, I’m certainly not going. 

Posted : 08/02/2024 9:18 pm
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