Watersplash Final today BBC2 1.15

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    Rafe Wrench
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    If you don’t fancy queuing up outside your favourite covid-drenched supermarket, take a look at this programme at lunchtime.

    I can still remember watching it on TV as a boy. You know it’s all leading up to the most famous moment in our game’s history, so go on, give yourself a little treat!😊

    Farnworth Viking
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    This was only shown just over a year ago, I think it would have been better to show some more classic challenge cup finals, like yesterday, but this time one featuring the “Cup Kings” Widnes. Couldn’t believe it yesterday when Widnes had been to Wembley in 75, 76, 77 and 79, they picked 78 to show!

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    I’ve noticed that Widnes the successful club doesn’t seem to exist:

    No Cup Kings finals on these latest BBC programmes and of course the old Wigan dominated the late 80s chestnut.

    In fairness, nice tribute to Frank Myler at the end of yesterday’s show.

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    I went down for the day with Yates’s Coach tours to that final & also the year before Featherstone v Barrow. After that only went down when Widnes were in the final until last year when I was away on holiday.

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