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    Rafe Wrench
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    Despite Boris’s Geldof-esque plea to the nation (“DON’T go to d’ fockin’ pub tonoight!”), the restaurants and pubs of Stockton Heath were as busy this evening as you would expect on any Saturday night.

    People are still not listening. We’re all going to die!😯

    carpet crawler
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    Aren’t all the boozers and restaurants supposed to be closed already Rafe ? People won’t take any notice of being told to stay in. If there’s a boozer open anywhere from now, it’ll get drunk dry. I don’t think a lot of people give a toss about Covid 19 and the young ‘uns especially won’t worry about catching it.

    People will end up going stare crazy if there’s nothing to do. Only so many games of Monopoly and I Spy that you can play before cabin fever sets in.

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    Prohibition in the USA didn’t stop people going out for a drink (or several?).

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    They will start to believe the danger from the virus when their nearest and dearest and their friends start dying or being seriously ill with it

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