Smith and Tomkins

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>What do we reckon will be happening with these 2. Will they be wanting a full year under Tim or will they be wanting out?</p>

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    We must try & keep them. Leigh may try to come poaching unless Derek feels he has lost too much money this season.

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    I’d expect they will both want to play Super League next season, certainly Smith. But who knows.

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    I thought that Tomkins wanted part-time to enable him to set up a business. I suppose it depends where he is with his business and whether he wishes to continue part-time.

    Smith is 33 and may want to move into a coaching career and a year under a coach of Sheens standing, may suit him.

    It’s all ifs and buts, but no one can blame any player for moving if they can get a better offer elsewhere. We must have offered them a reasonable contract to come here this year and hopefully we can at least try to retain them both.

    I guess that we will soon to hearing news and/or rumours of players being offered contracts for 2021 and those leaving. I just hope we can field a team in 2021 that can compete for at least a play-off position, although there is no certainty that the season may be disrupted by the covid-19 virus with a second outbreak.

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    Can’t see any Super League clubs wanting either of them next season. Think recruitment in Super League will be almost non existent and even if clubs were to sign players would they want players of their age?

    Think we may be able to pick up a couple more Tomkins and Smith’s too when Super League clubs reduce their squad sizes and let some of their older players go. There’s some decent players who haven’t been offered a contract in Super League.

    Be interesting whether we we may be able to pick up on the released reserve players too.

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    Very much doubt Matty Smith will play SL again, plus he wants to learn off Tim Sheens so this is an opportunity he won’t want to miss out on.

    I could see Tomkins loaned out to someone in SL this year if we don’t go back.

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    Could do with keeping both, the spine of the team is the biggest strength we have.

    Notice Brough has gone to Bradford, experience at HB and a Big Pack a must IMO.

    DI Keith Fowler
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    I don’t think Smith can operate at Super League level anymore and is looking more at life after rugby so I imagine he’ll stay.

    Tomkins left Salford after appearing in a grand final to set up his own business, he’s not going to be drawn back to Super League unless COVID has left his plans in tatters.

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