Experimental Live Group Chat during games

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    If people are missing talking to other fans during the game, an expermental live group chat system has been set up so, you can join and discuss the game.

    It uses a web based system, so there’s nothing else to install.

    If anybody wants to try it, you need to go to https://cgiirc.blitzed.org/?chan=%23widnesrl-chat

    Change the Nickname to your prefered one instead of “CGI???” then press the Login button.

    At the bottom of the screen is a line for yoou type into and just press enter when done.

    Other peoples replies will appear in time order in the top part of the box.

    When you’re ready to quit the chat, just close the web page.

    Because there may be younger people in the chat, please keep the language family friendly, no offensive languages or comments.


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