Anyone still going to Toulouse

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    Is anyone still going to Toulouse or other parts of France this weekend?

    Widiots On Tour
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    Flight got cancelled

    Rafe Wrench
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    Still worth a visit. In the market you can get half a dozen oysters and a crisp vin blanc – why can’t Clive Middlehurst do something like this??😆

    Ditton donkey
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    Flight cancelled 3 weeks ago, good job now in view of quarantine announcement, would have been there now

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    We were due there in April.

    I booked flights, hotel, and taxis through as soon as the fixtures were announced.

    My flight was cancelled about a month before we were due to go, and got all my money back end of May.

    Was really looking forward to going, and ticking another box, with the new ground, but hopefully, I’ll be able to do that next term.

    Stay safe one and all.


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