Take Care Everybody
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Take Care Everybody

Royston Vasey
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Today is a big day in terms of relaxing restrictions obviously, but I’m old and cautious and am very wary of what could happen.

We have the idiot cousin from a P G Wodehouse novel along with his Chancellor and (ironically) his Health Secretary self-isolating and telling everybody to be careful. Even though the man’s a caricature and silly he happens to be right in this instance.

Topic starter Posted : 18/07/2021 11:43 pm
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It's a little bit tighter up here in Scotland and I, for one, am happier with that.

Posted : 19/07/2021 12:26 pm
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Making sure you aren’t vitamin (particularly D) deficient is a good defence against the virus and other illnesses. Not that the government will bother to advise folk.

Posted : 27/07/2021 8:42 am