RU average salaries
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RU average salaries

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In an effort to improve transparency around player salaries, the RFU has released these details, thought they might be of interest:

  • Stand-off/Fly-half - £175k per year
  • Average player - £144k per year
  • 2nd rowers - £158k per year
  • Scrum halves - £118k per year, lowest paid backs


The stand offs was bumped up as a number of them apparently earn £400k+


Premiership: Fly-halves the highest paid players in 2020-21, report shows - BBC Sport

Topic starter Posted : 15/06/2022 10:52 pm
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What are the average RL salaries for SL and the championship?

Posted : 16/06/2022 8:36 am
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England RU players also earn another 23k per match they play, and will have some big endorsements from Blue Chip companies.

With a decent TV deal, and proper backing from internationals this isn't really a surprise.

Sadly the Twickenham internationals each Autumn will probably earn more than Super League does in an entire season. Such is life.

There will be a few in Super League on 'good' money (& I know it's all relative), but there will be other squad players earning 25/30k a year to get absolutely bashed up week in week out.

Posted : 16/06/2022 9:12 am
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@farnworth-viking did a bit of Googling and there's quite a few sources saying that the SL average is £30k. That's very low for elite sport.

Topic starter Posted : 16/06/2022 11:53 am