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Nicola Strgeon

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She's gone (or will be when a successor is appointed) So I ask you this?

What'll change? Nowt in my opinion! Her replacement will continue to (unsuccessfully I hope) try and break up our United Kingdom. She failed, so did her predecessor.

Also the replacement will spout  "Scotland was taken out of the EU against its will" No it wasn't! I too voted to remain, and would do so again, but...................

Prior to the UK referendum, Scotland voted against becoming an independent country, preferring to maintain the Union, and subsequently, the majority of British people decided that leaving would be the better option. Whether that was correct is open to debate, but it was a UK referendum, so the fact that more people north of Hadrian's Wall voted remain  than leave, therefore becomes irrelevant.

I say yet again, Dundee, Edinburgh, and John 'o' Groats, are  just as British, as are Belfast, Larne, Cardiff, Wrexham, Widnes, and Monton!

Over to you, my fellow Brits!



Topic starter Posted : 15/02/2023 11:52 am
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For pro-leavers, they might have more luck with the independence push under a new leader. There was some animosity towards Sturgeon that was perhaps losing pro-leave support.

She's done a good job for Scotland, Scots should be thankful they don't live down here. We've had 5 dickhead PMs whilst she's been FM, she completely out-stripped the Westminster Govt in terms of leadership during the pandemic. So, whether they liked her or not, at least she stood up to be counted.

Posted : 15/02/2023 6:19 pm
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I'd love England to have a referendum to have our own independence, and leave Scotland, Wales & NI to their own governance, and see how they get on. They'd be 3rd world countries in a heartbeat. In my eyes, they bring very little to the party.


Paulie xx

Posted : 15/02/2023 11:06 pm
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Couldn't give a hoot I'm English not British and proud of it. Sturgeon has left her beloved Scotland in a right mess and never addressed the important things instead of wanting another referendum. Let them have their independence and good riddance to them.


Posted : 16/02/2023 1:52 pm
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I'm English and live in Scotland.  People have praised her political skills, but the country is a mess financially.  Average wage in Scotland is lower than in the rest of the UK.  Companies have delayed in investing up here because of the cloud of Independence hanging over it.  They couldn't have survived the Covid scheme without assistance from Westminster.  I have no idea where she was planning to get the money for Scotland to run as an independent country now that the oil revenue as gone.  Manufacturing up here has fallen dramatically.  She tried to buy votes with no toll roads, no parking charges at most hospitals and no prescription charges.  All seemingly worthy things, but that loss of revenue, and additional costs, has to be paid for somewhere.

I pay a higher income tax because I live in Scotland, although I am employed by a British company. 

My missus and I said that if Scotland got independence, we would move South of the Border, and she is Scottish. 

There are still question marks hanging over some of money wasting up here.  The CalMac ferry saga runs on and on, the massive overspending on Holyrood, and the mess of the Edinburgh tram system that was over budget and smaller than planned. 

She has divided the country in two, with the Pro Independence group being very vocal and intimidating. The final straw was, after losing the referendum, and then the High Court case, she decided, without any consultation with the  rest of the party, that the next general election would be taken as a mandate for Scottish Independence. 

I am not sure who will succeed her but there is no natural choice as there was when she took over from Salmond.  I can't help but feel that there is something in the background, as her leaving was so fast, and so unexpected that she may be jumping before she is pushed. 

You may guess that I'm not sorry to see her go.

Posted : 21/02/2023 6:05 pm
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The thing about the de-facto vote is that elections and votes aren't always black and white. Some might like some things 1 party does, and some another. Swing voters might have 1 issue that is most important to them and vote for the party that says what they want to hear on that, all of which might be completely separate to independence.

If that is their stance they all might as well not bother with any policies whatsoever for the election, as they're all irrelevant apparently!!

Be interesting to see what her legacy, seeing as there doesn't seem to be 1 particular area that she has massively improved, whilst lots have gone downhill.

Posted : 24/02/2023 2:19 pm
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