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Eddie Hearn

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Interesting article in the Financial Times where Eddie Hearn was interviewed. In reference to the discussions with Rimmer and Elstone in 2018, when the Hearns were invited in to discuss their potential involvement in promoting the CC and rugby league generally. The talks did not progress, with the Hearns wanting full control  to change things " Cos it’s fucked, rugby league. Beyond fucked.”

I wonder what Elstone and Rimmer response was to this?

My guess is that the Hearns would only have been interested in promoting the SL - scrapping the salary cap was one of their proposals - and would have wanted the game to shrink to just 12-16 teams with no promotion or relegation and all tv shared between those teams. Bringing them in could have been disastrous for clubs like Widnes, but it would have certainly shaken up the current inertia in the administration of the game and would have been interesting to see unfold.




Topic starter Posted : 01/11/2020 11:27 am
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Don't disagree that the sport isn't in great shape, but darts, snooker and boxing are inherently different to a team community sport which gives identity and pride to towns across Northern England.

No doubt he knows what he is doing in his fields though.

Posted : 01/11/2020 6:48 pm
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who ?

Posted : 01/11/2020 7:15 pm