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1895 Cup Final

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I can’t see the point of playing this at Wembley, if they’re not going to play it till 6-00 after most of the fans have left, and it’s not being televised on any station, even though BBC 3 and 4 don’t have any programmes on before 7-00, and BBC 2 are showing repeats of Flog it, and Antiques Road trip!

Its obviously more important to show the Women’s final, that’s what most of the fans would prefer to watch🙄🙄.

On BBC breakfast this morning they were talking about the men’s and women’s finals(no mention of the 1895) , and the reporter said, “We are now joined by Leeds Legend Donna Priim🙄. Really, how many people on here have even heard of her, never mind think she’s a legend?

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Just back from Wembley, and as usual had a great time.

All the tributes to Rob Burrow were the tops. A minute's applause at the seven minute mark, in all three games, and the minute's silence was deafening.

Three games is too many (four if you include the kids) especially if the "main" game is not on last.

By the time Wakey and Sheff kicked off, there was hardly a Wire, or a Pie still in their seats, and the turnout for Mark's Mob, was to be frank, pitiful!

The Beeb will still want the "big 'un" to have the 3.00-ish, so it'd be hugely difficult to schedule two games in before that,

One poss could be to have either the 1895, or the ladies' game mid-aft prior to the GF at OT, but.....

As that's an SL event, would it be allowed?

Answers on a postcard please!



Posted : 08/06/2024 11:32 pm