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what player had the most potential but failed to fulfil that potential?

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Ben Kavanagh?

Harsh or fair?

I thought he looked great in the Championship but didn't do it at SL level for me...

As for Ryan Ince, he is too good for Oldham IMO but realistically not SL level. Probably the right kind of player for us but not after the Wembley walkout.

Posted : 26/04/2020 3:04 pm
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Could be from any era, 70’s, 80’s, 90s, 2000’s etc…. One recent example for me Jay Chaplelow. Watched him for two years play in the academy and he looked like he was ready for the first team at 16. Early promise shown, that break against Wigan rarely if ever replicated it. Not a bad player but just an average championship prop. Adam Lawton another recent one, burst onto the scene, scoring tries and looking like he had everything. For whatever reason it never worked out for him as a professional, sad!

Your mate Wire Willy to name just one

Posted : 26/04/2020 11:13 pm
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Swinton Spelly

Posted : 15/06/2020 7:48 pm
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Adam Lawton as others have said & Alex Gerrard who started so well for us in the Championship but did not kick on much in the SL.

Posted : 27/06/2020 12:40 pm
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