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Weren't the sales of Walters and O Connor dictated by the Receiver to help defray our bills? The academy, if it is to be any good will cost money that fans are already claiming to sign better players.

If and when we get up on our feet again the academy has to be part of our structure, but we are building from the bottom atm. Many clubs have benefitted from our youth programme over the years, maybe more than we benefitted tbh!

Get a winning team on the field and then start an academy. 

In the meantime get a closer relationship with the local amateur sides, many of whom already produce players for Saints etc!!!

Posted : 16/09/2023 8:43 am
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Eighth in division two! I always took it for granted that Widnes were a big club at this level and should be in the top 3 every year,pushing for promotion.Seems I was wrong.Seems that assumption is a bit arrogant.Perhaps we should all lower our expectations  and accept our position as a lower,mid table second division club ? 


Never. It's not a case of anyone taking it for granted, it's more the case that the club have been managed into this position.

Bradford and ourselves are the biggest teams in this division. Biggest fan bases, biggest history of success, biggest potential. We (and them) must both strive to get in SL every year, and get as high in that division as we can.

If the aim is anything else, or it becomes clear us and Bradford have 'accepted our place', then literally overnight nobody will come and watch.

Both clubs would fold in 2 minutes flat.


And unfortunately, while Bradford seem to be giving it ago (despite how hampered they are by the state of Odsal) by maintaining their academy and being bullish about wanting back to Super League, we seem to be...?



100%. Either because of lack of money, or lack of the nouse to run a successful club, we are not showing any signs of troubling IMG's list for SL. And what's more, the names being linked with us for next year - including the coach - would appear to take us further down that list, not higher up it.


Posted : 16/09/2023 11:38 am
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