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Vikings or no Vikings?

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Not sure what St Helens would call themselves.The St Helens Saints ? Goes without saying.Hull use that pointless 'FC' bit at the end.I agree with San,the Vikings moniker has been associated only with failure.Drop it.It's run its course.

Posted : 13/10/2023 8:03 am
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Personally, I find these gimmicky club nicknames absolutely cringeworthy and they leave me cold. I'd prefer the club to be called something like Widnes RL, Widnes Rugby XIII or Widnes RFL. Definitely need a re-branding though and at the very least a new badge, so that we can move on from the SOC and Rule era. Just my opinion and I know that the Vikings thing seems very popular with many fans.  

Posted : 13/10/2023 6:08 pm
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Having a bit of professional experience in the field, a rename to Widnes RLFC, Widnes Chemics, Widnes anything (and a new badge) wouldn't cost very much at all, even with a couple of copyrights to buy. Copyrighting any name / logo etc would probably not even be worthwhile with us only being a championship club at the minute. No need to hire professional marketeers to come up with a 'brand', it doesn't warrant it. Just get a local enthusiastic person to design a new badge for nowt or run a comp to design it. Changing company / legal entity names etc, next to nothing. In my experience, less than 5k for the whole exercise, unless our 'board' decide their time is monumentally chargeable like Rule and the OConnors.

FWIW, I'd be 100% behind a change of name and club badge. The name for historical reasons, the badge because it hasn't aged well and is associated with one of the darkest periods in our history, despite the SL years and a couple of promotions. NOT the town crest though.

Posted : 14/10/2023 12:14 pm
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