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    Hats off to him, I thought he was a bit of a joke when he started out but he’s proved everybody wrong


    Made an absolute mess of Wilder and didn’t even look as if he had been in a fight

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    Fantastic performance. Almost punch perfect. Great comeback story & hopefully he stays on the right path now he’s scaled the mountain again.

    Whilst Wilder has freakish power his boxing skills aren’t great. How many of his opponents look like they’ve been battered? One trick (Punch) pony who’s level of opponent for someone who reigned as long as he did was awful. A 40 year old Ortiz had him beat, but for 1 punch. I know that’s the name of the game, but not that surprised about this weekends fight considering that performance.

    Not sure if Wilder will want a rematch. Money will obviously be big, but i think he knows the result would be the same. Without the title he’ll go back to small scale fights struggling to sell out his home arena.


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