Tim continues to talk sense, taking some getting used to!

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    Every interview that Mr Sheens gives is full of straightforward common sense and honesty, without coaching hype or mumbo jumbo. His comments after the Oldham game continue in that vein. There have been times in the recent past that our coaches have seemingly talked about a different game than the one we have just witnessed and whilst there are bound to be nuances that a coach is looking for that us fans don’t notice, it was always a bit baffling.

    OK we haven’t suffered a reverse yet so he may massage a defeat or two when they happen, but I somehow doubt it.

    Keep up the good work Tim on and off the field!





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    If he was in any way responsible for coaching those very quick hands that led to that great second half try in the corner on Sunday I’ll excuse him the odd loss!

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    I suspect that he has the ability to use his players best attributes, puts round pegs in round holes etc! Quite a novelty here!

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