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    Good article talking to Matty Smith about signing for Widnes  is the headline story on BBC Sport’s rugby league section. Also goes into a bit of the club’s history over the last 30 years.

    With the Superleague season kicking off tonight we have done well to be today’s headline story.

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    Yeah, nice article. In the photo who is the player on the far right? I recognise Mike O’Neil, Eddie Cunningham, Andy Gregory and Mick George but not that chap. Have to start putting more water in it.

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    Had a look at the team list for that game (arguably cheating but it is a bit before my time!) and I reckon it might be Eric Prescott.

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    it is

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    Yep, another Widnes lad , had some success with Salford before he came to us and also the father of the late Steve Prescott

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    An even better article now on BBC with an in depth interview from Tim Sheens.  He talks really well, you listen to him and want to follow him.

    Do we have someone working for BBC Sport!? 🙂

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    Was going to post the same thing Dan, excellent article on Tim Sheens, a real down to earth, straight talking guy, doing what needs to be done without standing on ceremony. It does make you think somebody at the BBC likes us!

    We are very fortunate to have him at the helm, clearly a wealth of experience and impeccable coaching credentials. When he speaks things are simple and clear, no coaching mumbo jumbo. Lets hope he is right about the quality he sees in the squad!

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