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    These lockdown times are a good opportunity to catch upon reading. It struck me people might like to comment on their favourite Widnes RL book. It migt even unearth a gem as yet undiscovered by some.

    Mike Healing has been particularly productive in the field with;
    “On this day”, “Dreams to reality” and “Return of the Vikings”

    Maurice Bamford’s “Touch of Class” is Frank Myler’s story in Maurice’s inimitable style

    A heritage Lottery funded book “ 12 locals and a S African” tells the story of Widnes at Wembley 1030-1993

    Leslie Woodhead, the former Liverpool Echo RL writer,  produced “Widnes a pictorial history”

    My personal favourite Anthony Quinn’s “The greatest try” tells the story of the 60’s and 70’s my early years watching Widnes

    I am sure there are more any thoughts?

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    Just finished the Bamford book on Frank Myler. As in most RL books it tends to fill up the narrative, with virtually all the line-ups from all Frank’s games. Not much beef on the bone regarding Frank’s life outside RL, bits and bobs, but maybe Frank just had an ordinary life, like most of us.

    The best RL book I’ve read is Paul Cooke’s ‘Judas’, it really is worth the money, and show’s what a shithouse James Rule has always been.


    Paulie xx


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    Read Doug Laughton’s autobiography last week, was ok but seemed to focus a bit much on this player went for this much or wanted that much and to be honest someone wanting £1000 in 1970 means nothing to me!

    Had a skim through some of the old programmes the club made available though, some interesting stuff, made me laugh that even back in the 30s they were moaning about crowds!!

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    I can recommend the Les Woodhead book. Packed with only Widnes stuff.

    And if you want a general league book and you’re interested in how we came to have league and union, Trevor Delaney’s “The Roots of Rugby League” is a great read. Never dull or boring, it has facts that will truly astound you about how our game was treated before union went professional (and still is to some extent)

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