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    Had a bit of a chat with Simon Finnigan on Sunday night about the past few games; also talked about recruitment, injuries, fitness, confidence and more…

    Hints that Jack Owens might be back this weekend, which is good; but sounds like Cook is a few weeks off. Tomkins set to start next stage of his rehab but no timescale on return.

    Plus there’s a bit with Justin Murphy, who recalled his brief spell at the club with a few anecdotes and also mentioned how he would have stayed but club wanted Owen Craigie to fill his quota spot!

    Listen on Audioboom
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    Will be giving that a listen tomorrow 👍🏼

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    Informative chat with SF, put many of the questions asked here to him…

    He seemed pretty honest about the effort and attitude being off, fair play to him for that.

    Bit concerned that he personally sees the fitness as being ok.

    Get the impression he feels a little bit lumbered with some of the squad as he said a couple of times they were signed before he arrived. Which of course is absolutely true.

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    Very interesting to listen to. Was quite impressed with Finnigan. Pretty much everything he said made sense, he didn’t duck any questions and is clearly in no doubt where the issues lie. A bit more confident that he can turn things around after listening to that though he clearly has a tough job on his hands at the moment.

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    I’m the opposite to you MT, SF doesn’t inspire me with much confidence to be honest in these interviews.

    but I prefer to see if he can walk the walk rather than talk the talk. Pressure is on. Let’s see how we go this week. If we lose surely he is on a tightrope already.

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