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    Widnes Vikings Season Ticket holders have until 5pm on Wednesday evening to book their place at Sunday’s game against London Broncos, before the remaining available capacity will be placed on general sale.

    The Vikings will be back in league action this weekend (3pm kick-off) as they look to build on an impressive performance in the AB Sundecks 1895 Cup semi-final away to Featherstone Rovers.

    Following a successful return of supporters back in May for our Betfred Championship fixture against Whitehaven, we are now able to offer general sale tickets.

    First priority will be given to Season Ticket holders, who will book the same way that they did for the Whitehaven fixture, however any remaining capacity will then be sold to non-Season Ticket holders.

    General sale tickets will only be available online and not in-store, with supporters able to purchase in the North and West Stands depending on availability. We will announce on our website and social media once ticket purchasing is available for non-Season Ticket holders, with this expected to be in place on Thursday.

    Those purchasing online will be emailed an E-ticket which they must either show on their mobile device or print off and present upon arrival at the turnstile. Supporters are reminded to check their junk/spam folder before emailing if you have not received your ticket.

    Junior tickets will be available for anyone born on, or after, 1/9/2002 with those born before classed as an Adult and those aged 65 and above able to purchase a Concession ticket.

    Arrival times for supporters will remain the same as the Whitehaven fixture, so please familiarise yourself with this information before booking your seat.

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    That seems the natural progression back to “normality” glad they’ve flexed their initial approach a bit

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    is this because many season ticket holders never attended the previous game ?

    D Day
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    I don’t know why they couldn’t have done this in the 1st place, would have saved a lot of  moaning.

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    Am sure plenty didn’t but I reckon it will be more a case of things having gone OK without any major hitches at the previous home game so they are confident in letting more people in.

    primrose viking
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    It was very poor


    Very difficult to get a response off widnes or a none existant media department

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    Not sure I’ll get to too many games this season.

    The Ourleague games are reasonably good and I’m definitely saving money. And given I’m not a ST holder I’ll be at the bottom of the list re: tickets.

    Reduced numbers can kill an atmosphere (and Widnes has always suffered from a poor atmosphere) so I might see this season as a dead rubber and sit out much of it.


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    Does anyone else find that the app games are like watching with a one second delay to what’s happening live ?

    Royston Vasey
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    Am sure plenty didn’t but I reckon it will be more a case of things having gone OK without any major hitches at the previous home game so they are confident in letting more people in.

    Spot on.

    I suspect that the priority was always to make sure season ticket holders got priority and that they could test the process – controlled entry and exist, social distancing and so on with a ‘known’ maximum attendance – both in terms of numbers permitted and in terms of numbers of season ticket holders.

    As you say, that having worked you can adapt the rules for being allowed in – the first step back to ‘normality’.

    Not sure what is wrong with the club’s communications – they don’t own the stadium and don’t make the rules (that privilege belongs to HBC and upwards to Boris). The club seem to have been honest and open with what they have said and they can’t reasonably be expected to tell us things they don’t know

    As an aside, we don’t have a media department because we are a part-time, amateur club and making snide remarks on a fans forum isn’t going to change that no matter how many threads people chose to offer their opinion.

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