Colin Bell

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    Royston Vasey
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    Very sad to hear of the the passing of Colin Bell.

    A great footballer who had his career cut short by injury when just reaching the peak of his career. Another one f my boyhood heroes gone.

    Thoughts and prayers to family and friends.

    RIP Colin



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    Yes I always liked him. I recall one of our Widnes matches away at Salford in the late 1960s was postponed as we arrived at the ground. Someone said City are at home & a few fans headed there. My Dad agreed to drive across   the city & we got in to see the game. I cannot recall whom they were playing but remember Bell Summerbee, Tony Book & think Corrigan was in goal. I cannot recall anymore other than it was a good game. Since then I always have had City as my 2nd team to Liverpool. RIP Colin, you were  “a gud un”.

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