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    Widiots On Tour
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    Over the past 2-3 seasons we’ve had no assistant to the boss, do you reckon we need one?

    Mick George
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    Over the past 2-3 seasons we’ve had no assistant to the boss, do you reckon we need one?


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    Surely that has to be down to TS. As I understand it from statements that he has made he was given the option and decided that he would go it alone.

    I reckon that TS is a very honest individual. He recognises the financial mess that we have been in and was more than willing to put his shoulder to the wheel. In many ways it was going back to where he started, on the pitch with his boots on and a whistle in his hand. Most players I hope would have jumped at the chance to work with him on that level.

    I have posted before on possible coaches following TS and we will have to wait and see on that one. But we are where we are, and will probably been hit financially as will have most other clubs.

    If TS wants a change I don’t think that he will be afraid to ask!

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    As has been said, this is a matter for Sheens to decide. Having said that, what a great opportunity for any player aspiring to get into coaching to learn from a coach of Sheens’ experience.

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    Doesn’t Tim have a video analyst who kind of doubles up as an assistant? I don’t know the lad’s name…

    I think an assistant would be good especially if we were earmarking a long term successor to TS but finances probably dictate otherwise.


    Viking Man
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    A lot of training is done together (all age groups) therefore a lot of the reserves/18s/16s coaches get involved too.  Jamie who is referred to above isn’t a coach, he is an analyst so will pick up a lot of technique stuff to show to individuals on how to improve, what they’re working on etc.

    I still think there should be an assistant coach and I know the club have spoken to a few people about getting involved but the break put a halt on that.  What will happen going forward is up to TS & PF.

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    I would have thought an assistant was a must have these days, even at lower level. Even at amateur level, you need a coaching team who can support you. If TS doesn’t want one, then fair play to him – has has some balls though. But maybe it is a cost thing.


    When you have times like these, when we aren’t hearing much, I do even wonder if we have a head coach. Not a complaints as furlough means you cant do your job but it is strange. How does a man whose life is consumed by Rugby League want to stay around at a part time club that might not even start up again until next year?

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    Maybe he’s an honest bloke who keeps his word, not many about I grant you, but you never know.

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    Costs probably a key factor.

    Worth noting that we did significantly pick up when Purtill had Cory Paterson for a spell last season.

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