Any News on the Recruitment front?

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    Been away in the US, so not seen much Widnes related info, especially as this Board went through its “renewal” meaning it comes up as an error on my phone browser. Nothing on the Official site, so just wondered if there is anything promising doing the rounds of those “in the know” regarding recruitment, be that loans, DR links or actual signings?

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    Likely to be loans rather than dual-reg, last I heard.

    Steve McDonald
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    Much better!

    Not a fan of dual reg at-all.

    A couple of props and a centre on season long loans and I’ll be happy enough with the squad.

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    A better option provided they are season long or at least for several months!
    Got to say I’m a little confused about our financial situation. OK the crowd funding and the VIQI donations kept us afloat, in 2019, but we also had to fund a full time squad, including our equivalent of a marquee player. I realise that the RFL have set a cap based on our submissions to them, but we must be much better off than in 2019, both in terms of increased income and reduced expenditure. Therefore you would assume that our salary cap would be adjusted upwards accordingly? I would have thought then that our recruitment would be as strong (or stronger) as any “normally funded” club. OK not a ball been kicked in anger yet and season a while off still, but 22 players, several of whom have limited first team game time, seems a bit of a thin squad to see us through the season. Yes we have some very decent players in there, but quite a few we don’t know too much about yet. Be nice to get some decent additions, be they loans or whatever, announced soon!

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    Will be very happy if we have season long loans rather than DR. Two props, one hooker and a strike centre and we could mount a proper challenge.

    Bedford Viking
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    Are we running a reserve team as reported at the end of last season? If so we must be recruiting for the reserves as well as the first team. Still a long way to go on the recruitment front unless many in the academy team are going to double up as reserves team players.

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    I suspect a few academy players will appear each week on rotation as well as some reserves. There were 6 or 7 trialists mentioned by Mr Sheens & only one signed so far for the first team but most will probably play in the reserves I would think. I think we will pick some more players up from the local amateur teams unless players want to stay loyal to the amateur game. I think the amateur game will be severely hit across the M62 corridor as a result of the returns of reserve sides to around 14 clubs.

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    Glad to see a few trialists in the squad for the Rochdale game. Anyone know who they are?

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    The trialists Case and Wood played a handful of games each for Rochdale in 2019 and Hulme for Swinton in 2014, according to a quick google.No need to panic though, the season does’nt start until erm …next month.

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    Hopefully some of the triallists will make solid reserve players with the potential to do a job in the first team….wonder what the attitude will be to the 1895 Cup this year: will the back-up players be used more?

    I would have thought any loan players would only come at the end of Jan, after the SL coaches have seen them in friendlies/training…..seem to think in 2007 we got Bracek and Harrison for a few games off Warrington virtually the week the season started.

    Farnworth Viking
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    I picked Callum wood and Connor Dwyer up after the Vikings Christmas party a couple of weeks ago, and took them home to Wigan, and wood told me that he had played for Rochdale last season and that he had signed a first team contract, yet he’s still down as a trialist. Mind you he was a bit drunk, so he might have got that wrong.

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    Something posted on twitter about an ex nrl prop being signed, any truth?

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    All last seasons money was stolen by you know who. Our true Cap value will be next season.

    Paulie xx


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