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    Has had the all clear on a brain scan meaning he can take up an offer from a championship club


    Decent prop on his day, anyone know if it’s us that are interested ?

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    Based in St Helens, then quite probably it would be us, Leigh or Swinton.

    Great news about his recovery, regardless!

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    Yes, great news on his recovery – of course.  But as a player option, not a chance.  He played League 1 for Rochdale for a reason.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I don’t know much about him to be fair, but Kenny Baker was at North Wales last season and is our best forward. Nothing to lose with a trial contract, although I can’t see much rugby being played until next year now, especially in Champ and league 1 without a TV contract.</p>

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    Heard a deal has already been sorted with Bradford.

    Nothing official, just what I was told

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