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@davie All serious questions.

Not massively into politics and don't really have a side, as I think they're all rubbish.

One question though is how are Scotland doing at the minute? On key things like cost of living, wages, hospitals, transport, education etc. All the usual key points? From what I've read there aren't many parts where Scotland are doing well in, despite the same Governing party being in power for a long time.

I know the alternatives aren't particularly palatable for lots of Scots, but why do the SNP keep getting lots of seats when from the outside it seems like they're doing a terrible job? Is it just there is no other alternative?


I don't really have a strong opinion on whether you should or shouldn't be independent, but it seems like financially it would be a struggle. 

The last thing is that Sturgeon keeps saying she has a mandate because people voted for her last time, as if the only reason people voted for her was that 1 policy, which doesn't make sense. Does that mean all her other policies were useless/don't count?
People could vote for her for many different reasons or policies, which may or may not include that one. To have a catch all one policy just to support that part of her argument is crazy though IMO.

Posted : 11/10/2022 10:43 am
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The questions that I would ask Nicola Sturgeon is how many referenda will she want to call and how frequent, before she she possibly gets a vote in her favour; and, if she eventually gets a referendum in her favour, will she then ban any further referenda on the subject, even if there is a public demand for Scotland to rejoin the Union.

The fact is that a once in a generation vote was held and Scottish voters voted to remain in the Union, notwithstanding the major shift in support of withdrawal from the Union as a result of brexit, overwhelmingly opposed in Scotland. The same argument applies to the brexit vote. The public voted to leave the EC, we have now left and have to live with it.

Maybe in another 20/30 years, we could have referenda on both subjects, if there is public demand and the ruling Government of the time agree to this. My own view is that any referendum should be both advisory only and require a minimum turn-out and overall majority, to be accepted.

Posted : 11/10/2022 12:18 pm
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Nicola Sturgeon's record in office is poor. By continually going on about independence and by focussing on the Westminster Government Performance (also poor) she is able to not be held accountable for her personal and the Scottish government performance. 

Alex Salmond is not my favourite person but trying to fit him up and put him in jail indicates to me that Sturgeon and the SNP establishment are nasty pieces of work. 

Just a piece of the SNP performance. Since she became First Minister drug related deaths in Scotland have doubled. The UK has the highest drug related deaths in Europe but drug related deaths in Scotland are 4 x what they are in the UK as a whole.

The UK Government is awful, the UK opposition is awful but God help the Scots under the SNP. The only thing you can say for independence is that normal politics and accountability would return and they probably wouldn't last that long.


Posted : 11/10/2022 12:50 pm
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So another nail in the coffin of Indyref 2 eh?

The Supreme Court have ruled unanimously that Westminster must rule whether it goes ahead.

The United Kingdom will remain United, so give it up Ms S, coz you're flogging a dead horse!


Topic starter Posted : 23/11/2022 1:57 pm
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