Clubs are already busy doing business for the 2024 season, which will no doubt prove to be an odd year for rugby league with the removal of automatic promotion and relegation.

Recruiting a team to finish top of the pile won’t be enough to go up in 2024, as you will need to earn a sufficient grade b licence to have any chance of elevation to the top flight.

We would like to think that Widnes shouldn’t have too many problems in ticking a good number of the boxes, but the on field area is where there have been struggles in recent years.

But for a minor miracle, the Vikings won’t reach the Championship play-offs for the fourth successive season since relegation from Super League.

With another new coach at the helm for the start of 2024, changes will once again be made to the squad, and while there has been plenty of talk about outgoings, there hasn’t been much coming the other way.

In this post, we will try to keep up with official announcements and the rumour mill to paint a picture of how the Widnes Vikings squad might look in 2024.

New signings for 2024

On contract for 2024

This is a list of players who are under contract for 2024, based on previous official announcements by the club – either from when they signed or subsequently renewed their contract.

*Were already on contract for 2024 before the end of the 2023 season.

Off contract at end of 2023

The following players are out of contract at the end of 2023 season and are thought to be staying, though no announcement has yet been made of their re-signing.

Confirmed departures

  • Shane Grady (retiring)
  • Aaron Brown (Keighley)
  • Danny Craven (Oldham)
  • Olly Davies
  • Owen Farnworth (Oldham)
  • Lewis Hatton (Keighley)
  • Brad Holroyd
  • Adam Lawton (Oldham)
  • Ryan Millar

Rumoured signings

First published 15 September 2023. Last updated 31 October 2023. This page will be continually updated. Feel free to share any of your own links and rumours in the comments below.