Sports betting has long been a popular form of entertainment and now that you can also receive this form of entertainment directly on your mobile phone, sports enthusiasts have everything they could wish for. Advances in the smartphone industry have meant that anyone can keep up to date with all the happenings in the sports world through a mobile rugby betting app.

As a rugby connoisseur, you don’t just let a good bet pass you by. Missing out on a good bet because you don’t have a computer to hand? That is no longer necessary today. Many online bookmakers release applications for smartphones or tablets. Mobile betting is the future.

Bet wherever you are

Thanks to these applications (apps) you can bet on rugby anytime, anywhere. Whether you look at the pub, with friends, or on the road. Many major bookmakers even offer live streams to rugby matches. This also includes really big competitions, such as the Liga A or the Bundesliga. A disadvantage of these live streams is that they consume quite a bit of data traffic. The advantage is that the major online bookmakers see access to the live stream as a piece of service, so it is often free.

Mobile welcome bonus

Mobile betting is the fastest way to bet on promising rugby bets. More and more online bookmakers have their own applications, which they like to promote. They do this by, for example, giving nice mobile welcome bonuses. Downloading an app can certainly pay off!

Rugby Betting at the bookmakers via your smartphone

Mobile rugby betting gives anyone with a smartphone the opportunity to place bets directly on sports events. This combined with live betting gives the user the advantage of placing bets at any time.

The various bookmaker apps ensure that you can place a bet in a short time compared to the time it would normally take if you had to do this on your PC. Gambling with an iPhone has become one of the simplest forms of gambling. Mobile rugby betting apps instantly provide you with all the information you need to see who is the favourite and what the best odds are.

With your smartphone, you get all these kinds of information directly. Gone are the days of booting up your computer and surfing the web for such information. With the current bookmaker apps on your mobile, you are always ready to place bets.

Most bookmakers have their own app for the major smartphone platforms such as Android and iOS. Regardless of which bookmaker app you choose to use, placing bets is now even easier using your mobile smartphone. If you delve into mobile gambling, you will see that there are more than enough providers and betting apps where you can place sports bets.

How to Bet on Rugby & Sports Via Your Mobile Phone?

Sports betting is increasingly being conducted via smartphones and tablets. Mobile betting on rugby and other sports, therefore, has a number of important advantages compared to traditional betting via a laptop or PC:

  • You can place bets from the couch on the train or when you watch sports outside the door. All you need is an internet connection. You can even place a live bet on a rugby match you are watching in the stadium!
  • Thanks to mobile betting, you don’t have to start up your laptop every time you get a hunch for good sports betting.
  • Mobile betting on rugby and other sports is also possible at times when you are busy with other matters, such as a quick snack during a break at work. This way you never have to miss out on a good listing.

Bookmakers are well aware of the tendency for more and more bets to be made via mobile phone. Each and every one of them has ensured that they meet the growing demand for mobile rugby betting sites.

You can bet on rugby and sports on mobile in two different ways:

  • By using a bookmaker’s mobile website. If a bookmaker has such a mobile website, and this applies to almost all bookmakers, the mobile site usually loads automatically on any browser you prefer to use.
  • By using a dedicated app developed by the bookmaker.

The Step-by-step Plan for Mobile RugbyBetting

For those who know more about rugby than about smartphones, installing apps can be complicated. That is why we have written a short step-by-step plan so that you can get started quickly.

  • Download the bookmaker’s app. You can do this by going to the provider’s website, or by opening the App Store or Google Play Store. You then type in the name of the provider;
  • If the provider does not have an app, you can still open the web page via the regular internet app of your smartphone or tablet;
  • Log in with your username or password, or register a new account by pressing ‘Register’, ‘Signup’ or something similar;
  • Take advantage of mobile bonuses!
  • Start your first mobile bet;
  • Live betting from your mobile phone

Looking for thrills? Then it might be interesting to participate in a live bet from your mobile phone. You can then bet while a rugby match is in progress. Imagine sitting at the bar in your favourite pub. The television is on and you have your smartphone to hand. You have predicted in advance that the away team will win. The match is in progress and you see that the star player gets a yellow card. The other team suddenly comes back much stronger after the break. At such a time, you may want to adjust the prediction for the outcome. This is directly possible via the mobile phone and the option for live betting.

Live betting is a whole new challenge for rugby connoisseurs because now you can’t just make a prediction based on statistics. In the past, you could only watch if a bet was lost. With live betting, you can make a difference yourself. Thanks to the smartphone, you can adjust your forecast anytime and anywhere.

Trying out mobile betting

Some bookmakers give players the chance to try out mobile rugby betting first. You then place your first bet via your mobile. Are you losing? Then you get the bet back. We sometimes call these ‘cashback’ bonuses. Occasionally there are even actions where you always get the bet back. Whether you lose or not.

With the mobile application of an online bookmaker, you can not only place a bet, but often you can also gain insight into your payments and payouts. In addition, it is often possible to contact customer service immediately or to watch live streams. The service is always available at hand!