VIQI recently issued a communication to members providing an update on their activities, a year on since they helped to save the club.

Vikings Quids In, to give its full name, celebrated its 20th anniversary of supporting the club in October and Jason Shaw continues to act as the VIQI representative on the Widnes Vikings board.

They confirmed that VIQI members have so far contributed £269,000 to the club, which is made up of:

  • £100,000 from GoFundMe – Beth Pennington initiative (March 2019)
  • £25,000 donations made during the administration period (April 2019)
  • £72,000 retention of players 2018/19 season (July 2019)
  • £72,000 retention of players 2018/19 season (December 2019)

As of December 2019, there was 1,250 paying members in VIQI.

VIQI has supported the recruitment / retention of 7 members of the 2020/21 team with crucial donations being identified to seal the deals each time – Jack Owens, Danny Craven, Sam Wilde, Shane Grady, Logan Tomkins, Matty Smith and our coach Tim Sheens.

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