In the National Rugby League, some teams are nearly unstoppable, with only the most formidable teams standing a chance against each other. In most cases, the underdog teams try their best when they’re faced against those who are at the top of the log, but in rare cases, there’s not much they can do. Their opposition is unstoppable, breaking through the line and scoring try after try after try. 

Now, you might think that it’s pointless to relive some of the biggest losses in NRL history, but it’s actually pretty beneficial. For one, these teams never want to lose that badly again, and two, we can learn what they did wrong. Here are the top 10 biggest losses in NRL history. 

Wests Tigers

We think it’s safe to say that the Wests Tigers have had it rough over the last three years, wouldn’t you agree? In 2023, when the Tigers faced the Cowboys, they were given a proper hiding, with the Cowboys scoring 74 points with no points to the Tigers. 

This makes this score the biggest loss margin in NRL history. But the beatings didn’t stop there. For the past two years, the West Tigers learnt what it was like to have double digits stacked up against them. In 2022, they lost 66 points to the Roosters and 64 points to the Melbourne Storm. Here’s a tally of their scores:

  • 2023, round 18 – 74 points 
  • 2022, round 23 – 66 points
  • 2001, round 18 – 64 points

Cronulla Sharks 

Until the West Tigers’ defeat last year, the Cronulla Sharks held the record for the biggest loss in NRL history, and we’re sure they’re happy that they’re no longer remembered as the team that lost by the most, too. Unfortunately, in their game against the Eels, either David Peachey, Danny Nutley, or Dale Newton was on the bench or sent off indefinitely for a dangerous tackle. This left their teams short of a player, forcing them to face the Eels with fewer players. As you can guess, they lost badly. In the end, the Sharks had 70 points taken from them.

  • Round 24, 2003 – 70 points 

South Sydney Rabbitohs 

It seems that every team has had their struggles some time or another. For instance, the South Sydney Rabbitohs also had a fair whipping in 2006 by the Warriors. Losing by 66 points to zero, the Bunnies were certainly humbled after this experience.

  • Round 16, 2006 – 66 points

Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 

The Bulldogs also experienced a 66-point loss, but they doubled down over two years. In 2021, the Bulldogs lost 66-0 against the Sea Eagles, and the same scored followed them into 2023 when they played the Knights.

  • Round 16 & 18, 2021 & 2023 – 66 points 

Newcastle Knights 

After the retirement of Andrew Johns, the Knights’ performance took a turn for the worse. In their match against the Broncos, they lost by 71 points, 46 of which were scored in the last half of the match alone. This match marks the biggest win for the Broncos but also the opposite for the Knights.

  • Round 11, 2007– 71 points 

Penrith Panthers 

Since they’ve been around, the Penrith Panthers have seen their fair share of success, but it didn’t all come easy to them. The 2000s were particularly difficult for them. In 2008, the Panthers faced the Raiders and got absolutely demolished, with an end score of 74-12. However, they didn’t stay down for long. In the following round, they pumped the Bulldogs by 52 points. 

  • Round 22, 2008 – 62 points 

Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles 

The 2004 season wasn’t the best for the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles. In round 22, they lost 72-12 to the Penrith Panthers, which is surprising since they beat them earlier that year. At the end of the season, manly finished 13th, having just escaped last place by pulling off a 56-point victory in the following two weeks after their defeat. 

  • (Round 22, 2004) – 60 points 

St. George Illawarra Dragons  

In round 5 of the season of 2000, The Melbourne Storm gave the St.George Illawarra Dragons their biggest loss in the history of the club, beating them 70-10. Despite these figures, the Dragons still did fairly well in their results at the end of the season, having just lost out on the finals by one win. But one thing is for sure: they’ll never forget the 60 points put on them by the Melbourne Storm. 

  • Round 5, 2000 – 60 points

Final Thoughts

These losses have gone down in history as the worst NRL losses of all time. But, with every new season, there’s the opportunity for more teams to make their way into the history books by converting unimaginable scores against their opponents. So, let’s wait and see what this season brings. Check out the latest tips on the NRL so you can make the most of the upcoming games.