Sports betting can be a profitable activity if done right. This article discusses five proven sports betting strategies that use math to gain an edge. These techniques have worked for bettors globally and are especially useful in places like the United Kingdom. Here, recent laws allow for promotional bonuses that can increase profits when using platforms like betting sites no ID verification for UK.

Bonus Hunting

The first strategy, called bonus hunting, takes advantage of promotional bonuses that sportsbooks offer to create an edge. This method involves placing bets on both sides of the same sporting event at different bookmakers. By doing this, you eliminate the risk while still claiming the bonus.

For example, if a sportsbook offers a £200 bonus when you bet £5 after opening a new account, a bettor can take full advantage of this by betting £5 on one team with this sportsbook and then placing a bet on the opposing team with another bookmaker.

This strategy allows the bettor to secure the bonus with little or no financial risk. It’s especially popular with people new to sports betting or those who want to increase their funds with little risk.


  • Sportsbook: DraftKings
  • Promotion: Bet £5, get £200 bonus
  • Action: Bet £5 on the Boston Celtics to win with DraftKings and simultaneously place a bet against the Celtics with another bookmaker.

Arbitrage Betting

The second strategy is called arbitrage betting. This method makes use of different odds offered by various bookmakers. You ensure a profit by placing bets on every possible outcome of an event using odds that will guarantee a higher total payout than the amount bet.

For example, if one bookmaker offers odds of 2.10 for Team A to win and another bookmaker has the same odds for Team B to win, you can bet £100 on each team. This way, no matter which team wins, you will make a profit because the payout from the winning bet will exceed the total amount you wagered.

Example of Arbitrage Betting:

  • Bet 1: £100 on Team A at odds of 2.10
  • Bet 2: £100 on Team B at odds of 2.10
  • Total Bet: £200
  • Return on Win: £210
  • Profit: £10

Positive Expected Value Betting

The third strategy is called positive expected value (EV) betting. This method focuses on finding and betting on odds that give the bettor a long-term advantage. Bets with positive EVs are more likely to win than the odds suggest.

This makes the strategy especially useful for bets with artificially high odds, such as those in promotions like price boosts and enhanced odds. By choosing these bets, you’re more likely to come out ahead of time.

Key Concepts:

  • Expected Value (EV): This represents the average outcome of a bet if it were to be repeated multiple times under the same conditions.
  • Positive EV: Indicates a bet that, over time, will yield a profit because the odds are more favourable than the actual probability of the event occurring.

Middle Betting

Middle betting is a smart strategy that carries low risk but offers the chance for big payouts. This approach involves placing bets on different outcomes that slightly overlap, creating a scenario where both bets could win under the right conditions.

For example, in a basketball game, you might place one bet for the total points to be more than 190.5 with one bookmaker and another bet for the total points to be less than 195.5 with another bookmaker. If the total points in the game end up between 191 and 195, both of your bets will win. This method is a clever way to potentially double your winnings while keeping risks low.


  • Bet 1: £100 on over 190.5 points
  • Bet 2: £100 on under 195.5 points
  • Desired Outcome: Total points between 191 and 195

Middle betting not only offers a safety net by covering various possible outcomes but also increases the chance for a higher payout if the final score ends up in the “middle” range. This strategy demands thorough analysis and precise timing to pick the right games and odds. It’s an appealing method for seasoned bettors who want to take advantage of small differences in the betting odds offered by different bookmakers.

Parlay Betting

The final strategy focuses on parlays, which combine several individual bets into one larger bet. This method can turn small bets into big winnings. The trick to winning with parlays is to carefully choose each part of the bet, making sure each has a positive expected value, or to use free bet bonuses from bookmakers to increase potential returns. While this strategy requires a lot of research and accurate calculations, it can offer greater rewards for those who are thorough and strategic in their betting choices.


  • Parlay Components: 3 bets, each with a positive EV
  • Boost: An additional percentage increase on the payout for parlays that include over three legs


What is bonus hunting in sports betting?

Bonus hunting is a strategy where you take advantage of promotional bonuses offered by sportsbooks. By placing opposing bets at different bookmakers on the same event, you can secure the bonus with minimal financial risk. This method is particularly effective for new bettors or those looking to increase their funds safely.

How does arbitrage betting work?

Arbitrage betting involves placing bets on all possible outcomes of an event across different bookmakers that offer varying odds. This strategy guarantees a profit because the total payout from one winning bet will exceed the total amount wagered, regardless of the event outcome.

What is the positive expected value (EV) betting?

Positive expected value (EV) betting focuses on placing bets where the odds provide a long-term advantage to the bettor. Bets with a positive EV have a greater likelihood of winning than the odds imply, making them profitable over time, especially when taking advantage of price boosts and enhanced odds.

What is middle betting?

Middle betting is a low-risk strategy that involves placing two bets on overlapping outcomes. For example, betting on different total points in a game where the outcomes slightly overlap allows both bets to win if the final score falls within a certain range. This strategy can offer significant payouts if executed correctly.

What should consider when making a parlay bet?

When creating a parlay bet, it’s crucial to select each component of the bet carefully, ensuring each has a positive expected value. Using free bet bonuses can also enhance potential returns. Parlays combine multiple bets into one larger bet, which can turn small stakes into substantial payouts but requires detailed research and precise calculations for success.