Rugby is one of the hottest sports, along with football and basketball. It  originated in England back in 1823. The game itself first gained popularity in public schools before spreading the hype throughout the British Empire back in the day. Nowadays, Rugby is considered one of the most popular sports and is played across countless countries around the globe. 

The sports has triggered countless bookmakers to provide a betting field for bettors of the sport. If you’re a fan of Rugby and want to delve into rugby betting, then you’re in luck because, in this article, we talk about some tips you might be interested in learning before you go to the bookmakers.

Learn About the Odds

Like any other form of sports betting, rugby betting highly depends on the odds. The odds dictate the chance of you winning your bet, as well as how much your payout will be. Also, you can use these odds to determine which team is the underdog and the favorite.

Before you place a bet, you should check the odds first since it will help you determine which games are playable and which have value.  Take note that the odds are different for every online sportsbook, which is why you need to shop for odds to get the most out of your bets.

Look the Schedules

Rugby has an intense training schedule, thus you should look at their calendar before placing your bets. Clubs in Rugby tend to take only minimal breaks, especially if their calendar involves international matchups. For example, suppose you’re looking to bet on Leinster in the Guinness PRO14 while the Irish team is engaged in international matches. 

In that case, looking at individual players like Johnny Sexton before you place your bets on the bookmakers is crucial. Also, a team with no players that have international commitments tends to have the advantage in games.

Check Fitness and Motivation

This one is a no-brainer as fitness and motivation play a massive role in matches. For example, if a team like Exeter is preparing for a European tournament like the Irish Championship Cup, the team will tend to play conservatively in the national games. On the other hand, after a huge European match, teams often lose more points in national games. 

Remember that Rugby is a very physical sport, which is why it requires its team to have a vast energy reserve for every game they play. That said, the fitness and the motivation of a team to win have a direct and massive impact on the outcome of their games.

Check the Rankings

Before placing your bets, check the rankings between the two sides in a rugby match. This is because Rugby tends to be very cyclical at the international and national levels. For example, on the international side, the games are often dominated by teams from the southern hemisphere like Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. 

At the national level, the most dominating team tends to have legacies, so it’s always important to check the rankings and even the history of teams when you handicap teams.

Avoid Starting with Over/Under Betting

Over and under betting is based on the total score after the match ends. For beginners, it can be tough to gauge the scores because you must deeply understand the rugby teams’ play before making a prediction. 

That said, you should start on the basic ones, like picking the outright winner, number of tries, and even scores. These bets are simple to calculate, making them beginner friendly. It’s better for you to start small and slowly work your way up to the most complicated bets.

Check the Lineup

Prior to placing a bet, check the team’s lineup first. It’s usually announced a day before the match starts, so you’ll have some time to analyze them. In addition, the starting lineup includes information about each player’s position, roles in the team, etc. These are crucial points you have to consider in rugby betting.

Follow Rugby Tipsters

If you still have no idea which team to bet for, you can try following what the tipsters go for in a matchup. They often have expert predictions and are already highly experienced in rugby betting. Thus, if you’re looking for an example, try following a popular tipster. You can usually look them up on the internet, and there are a lot of them.

Final Words

Rugby betting can be complicated at the time, especially for a beginner. Luckily for you, this article should be a good start if you want to start your research. Along with your research, you could also follow famous tipsters online as they can help you guide your way into rugby betting.