Winstanley RIP

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    A typical Widnes forward of his era. Not huge but tough and tenacious. Always gave 100%.

    RIP Winno.

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    Yes, a good player 1959 to 1965 before tranferring to Blackpool for 1966.   Never hit the hights of other forwards of  that era but was a good back  up.    I probably missed most of his best years while serving my NS.        R.I.P Brian.

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    I played with him for a couple of seasons for the St Ambrose side – a loooooooooooong time ago.

    1955/56 ish.


    RIP Brian.










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    The era when our only claim to fame was being able to say after the big games ‘ well they’ll know the’ve had a game’

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    Sad news, a really nice bloke was Brian, will be sadly missed by the lads at the pastplayers association, condolences to his family and friends. RIP Brian

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    Remember Brian as a really solid performer, in my early watching days. Hope I’m not confusing him, but we often used a contested a short kick off in those days, as did other sides and I remember Brian as one of our best gatherers of the ball! RIP and condolences.

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