Widnes move up to 5th favourites

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>The bookies have now got widnes as the 5th favourites for promotion after just one game.
    Joint favourites are London and Leigh  at 3/1 followed by Toulouse at 7/2 and Featherstone 4/1 then widnes 10/1 and York at 12/1.
    If we can beat London next week, I imagine our odds will shorten quite a lot.</p>

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    I can see your logic about the odds  FV but let’s get past Batley first before we think about London .

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    Bloody hell, one game in against probably the weakest team in league

    your glass is certainly half full !

    love it if we do, I have a bet at 16/1

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    I think we’ll beat Batley, remain top of the league – for the time being at least – and move up to 4th place favourite.

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    York lost and we had a decent win so we have moved up 1 place in the odds. Don’t forget we also announced dual reg with Warrington in the same week so we have access to some good players.

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