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    well swinton getting well and truly beaten by york (currently 58 – 6 to york. if we lose next week sf needs to go. even if we do win he may still have to go unless a miracle happens and easter has already gone.

    58-16 since posting

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    Swinton are utter gash, but we are no better. If we get beat by that shower, we might as well rip up the carpet and start start watching the fannyball!

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    Swinton, Whitehaven, Oldham coming up over the next month or so.

    All must wins.


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    It now looks like we will be vying with Swinton, Whitehaven and Oldham for the relegation spots, unless there is a distinct improvement in form. Wins in these games are crucial for our season.

    Just a thought – we are only three points off the top of the table and one point off a play-off place!!!!

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    If we can’t get an 80-minute performance and a win at home against a team that has lost every game this season then there’s not much hope for us. Finnigan needs to get the players fired up. If he can’t get a positive reaction this week I supsect he’s not going to get one full stop.

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    Newcastle have beaten Sheffield.

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    Can’t see anything else but another loss, no matter how poor Swinton are.

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