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    2 weeks until we’re back in the stadium.

    after well over a year, we should all be buzzing. Hottest ticket in town.

    who’s excited?

    what a fudging joke we’ve become.

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    Same Circus, different Clowns.


    Paulie xx


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    God help me, I’ll be there. Glutton for punishment etc.

    Peace and love, and happiness and stuff!

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    Well you may find out how many season tickets have been sold, because that is all that are likely to turn up – and some of them may not bother.

    It hurts me to say this, but I am beginning to agree with Capey about the direction of the club. Just where do we go from yet another hammering?

    We are in a relegation battle. On current form. the only games we can expect  to win are against Oldham and Swinton and they are not certain.

    The good news is that if we beat York, we could be in 6th position.

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    Yes Frank, 6th place will be a considerable improvement on the 13th place we currently inhabit. Our coach and players must show that they are hurting from the deserved fans criticism regarding poor tactics and not using basic skills.

    However, despite everything, I wish I could be inside the stadium next week to support the club that we all want to succeed.

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    In our current situation whether we like it or not Whitehaven at home is a key game. I’ll be glad to be there shouting us on and hopefully seeing us win. And come the day, I think there will be a buzz there even though on the back of the hammering we have taken today it doesn’t feel like there will. Just hope we put a performance in and it doesn’t turn sour.

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    Between now and then there will be another 40/50 point demolition job by York to deflate us even further!

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