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    Steve McDonald
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    Just over a week to go until the first game of the season and I can’t wait.

    First time  in years I’ve felt hopeful going in to  a new season.

    Big turnover of players, finally a proven world-class a coach who knows what he’s doing and a board who appear to be running the club properly and in it for the right reasons.

    The fixture list has been relatively kind to us and if we get off to a good start and get a couple of props on board then I’m hopeful that good times are not far off.

    Let’s hope for a massive following at Oldham and a big crowd in our first home game to get the season off to a good start.


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    Agreed SM.

    Just feel that we need to beef up that starting pack as we look a bit lightweight (as we have done for a few seasons). I like the noises Tim makes too as he sounds like he knows what he wants and doesn’t pull his punches when things are just off (the performance v Crusaders a case in point).

    Refreshing when you think of the utter drivel that Purtill spouted after games and the usual “lack of composhaw” comments from Gravel Gob Betts!!!

    Bring it on COYV!!! 🤘🤘🤘

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    You can listen with interest to what Sheens says-you can tell at once he knows more about the game than Betts/Cassidy etc put together and is more realistic about where the team are at. From a players point of view he must be one who you could listen to forever and follow unlike many………………….

    The idea of all the players training together …..is this unusual in RL .Would have thought in Union maybe its OK for some of the time to separate  not certainly in soccer where all teams are a coordinated unit .Everyone needs to know what their own role is and what everyone elses is. Reserves also need to be involved/interchanged. It would appear that the set up previously inherently meant if there was an injury you were in trouble………….explains a lot about the continued underperformance and lack of teamwork  of recent years.

    What are  the qualifications are for coaching in RL …………….Betts and the like  well either they ignored the coaching courses or the courses are poor……….my bet is the former.

    It remains to be seen if Sheens has the players to get to top 5

    Ditton donkey
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    Agree time will tell whether we have the players of the required standard

    however we appear to be making more out of the existing squad

    a nice slow start without, like last year (Toulouse,Toronto in first 3+games)

    london will be the tester, all arrangements made will be there for that one


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    Apart from the lack of a real head-banger prop, my only real concern is that we’re missing a bit of magic in the centre – think along the lines of a Vai Vai, who destroyed us a couple of times recently. We look light, lacking aggression and to be honest a bit uninspiring there.

    Centre is also the area where the one-on-one tackling has to be rock solid, it’s the most exposed position on any rugby league pitch when it comes to defending. We’ve seen some players cruise straight through our centre channel these last few weeks, so a bit worried what will happen when your Sammuts of the world start running at that area and feeding quick wide players through there tbh.

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