Line speed of lack of

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    Line speed again or lack of it. Year after year we have watched the same errors no matter who is playing. Dewsbury won playing basic rugby, but had more desire to get of the line and cut are options. Same against London. Come on boys pull your fingers out and get some desire.

    Ditton donkey
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    Dewsbury ran from deep and crossed the gain line with ease, we do not run from deep, we play lateral.

    also the reffing does not help when the opposition is allowed to lie on and slow the ptb, yet we seem to roll away as per the laws

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    Lets Hope Last Night Was A Slip Up . We All Know Were We Need To Improve And Strengthen So Hopefully that Will be Done As The Season Progresses . Totally Agree Other Teams Lie On After The Were We Roll Away . Need To Be A Bit More Streetwise And Savvy 

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    I agree in general although against Dewsbury we did lie on a bit & got penalised after 2 seconds once right in front of me whereas normally 4 seconds allowed from past observation. Also we were penalised 2 or 3 times for off side so we were trying at times to get up but obviously needs working on as we cannot be starting from in front of the referee if indeed we were. The first time I have seen a ref penalise both sides so much for many seasons. Our biggest problem is we are slammed down heavily into the turf whereas we handle the opposition far too gently. We are small in the forwards  overall but we could still go in harder no matter what our size is while acknowledging as the game wears on we being small will tire more than bigger stronger players. The 2 Chapelhows are not small and need to use their size more.

    Bedford Viking
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    Disappointing to see two Widnes defenders repeatedly holding on to a Dewsbury attacker but allowing him to still make another five metres progress after contact. Nelmes in particular was allowed to do this, especially in the first half.

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