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    See Dan Norman as been given a two year contract with St Helens good luck to the lad

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    So moved from Widnes to London, now back up North to St Helens.    He must have the Wanderlust.


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    Probably just a strong desire to play SL, something Widnes are a couple of years away from offering anyone.

    Good luck to Dan, he always had potential and never did anything wrong in a Widnes shirt for me.

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    I reckon he has a fighting chance of making the grade in SL. Good luck to him.

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    Always said he could have been good with a decent manager and a decent pack to be eased into properly.  Not thrown in and expected to take on an experienced pack as a front runner.

    Problem he and a few others fell foul of was they were very young and mixed in with a lot of you inexperience in a rough league against some old heads, a decent player needs to be brought in properly amongst some big strong players especially in the pack.

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