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    Do you think the new deal with Arriva to put Widnes players across 5 of their buses, will increase the number of spectators we get, when crowds are let back in to watch matches?

    Nice to see King Kurt on one of them!

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    I think anything that increases the clubs Visibility in the area is a good thing.


    Serious question, how much do the club link up with junior clubs in the area? and do they offer deals to junior players at west Bank, Halton Farnworth and Moorfield?

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    I couldn’t be confident it will increase crowds but it might. Certainly can’t do us any harm.

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    Nothing wrong with the publicity and anything to raise the profile of the club is good surely.

    Seem to remember about 10 years ago Gareth Haggerty was on one of the buses that went into Liverpool.

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    “There’s an Arriva bus with Widnes players from 30+ years ago…… I think I’ll go and watch them this week.”

    Is that how it’s supposed to work? Can’t see it motivating anyone in Liverpool One or Queen’s Square buying into that concept, but you never know. Maybe if the fixtures & ticket prices are displayed on the backs of the seats, it may raise some awareness. Maybe a discount with an Arriva bus pass.

    Paulie xx


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    I don’t think people who see the bus in Liverpool One or Queens Square will know if the player on the bus is one from 30 years ago or a present day one.

    They will just know it’s a RL team from down the road in Widnes, I might go along there one Sunday and see what it’s like.

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    Don’t see any harm in it. Might not add lots on its own, but lots of little things like this can add up to make a difference. Important to ensure the name and the brand stays out there.

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    I’ve seen a bus with Kenny Baker on so not just old players

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