Anyone redeemed their voucher yet?

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    I’ve just redeemed my season ticket voucher on Our League to watch home games for free. It accepted my number, but it still wants me to pay £4.95. Has anyone redeemed their voucher yet, and if so how do you get the match for free?

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    I did it as soon as I got the voucher and I checked yesterday (as I have three vouchers) and it’s already open for me

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    As I’m the same as Martin, there must be a problem with your particular code FV.

    Hope you can get it sorted out before tomorrow’s match.

    Ditton donkey
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    Just checked and mine is fine

    Mr H
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    mine seems okay

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    I redeemed mine the other day.After doing it I logged out then relogged on again to check & it took me to our game so seems ok for me too.

    Farnworth Viking
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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I’ve managed to do it now thanks.</p>

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    I redeemed the code on my computer as per Widnes instructions. Says I’m set up for the match.

    I had problems with this app a while ago. Their is an our league technical support  –

    I contacted them by e-mail. They suggested I uninstall the app and then reinstall it.

    I did this and it fixed my issue.


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    My account shows the game available, my sims it’s greyed out.

    anyone else?


    no confidence that the greyed out will disappear one to kick off.

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