Sheens Resigns

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    I would say that any coach leaving is always going to cause disruption no matter who the club and the coach are. The ‘rumours doing the rounds’ will only do damage if you chose to believe the ones that are less than complimentary about the state of the club and without any real proof either way I don’t see why you would chose to suspect the worst. Of course being a bit nervous about throwing even more good money after bad especially given the uncertainty about when the league will start and when we will be allowed in to watch makes good sense and I personally think it would be wise to keep Hold of our hard earned Until the second wave of C19 passes through and we have a vaccine that distributed To the general public.

    You are dead right on this one …. …..spend as little as possible. Tiers below SL will never be able to afford to play without crowds and sensible numbers at that……………..looking increasing likely that it could be the 2021-22 football season before crowds will be allowed( football will survive due to the PL supporting the tiers below albeit reluctantly)  around August/Sept 2021 maybe…pessimistic yes maybe but realistic……

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