Sheens Resigns

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    Brian McDermott, when Toronto fold or Adrian Lam could soon be looking for a job😂😂

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    Possibly Richard Marshall might fancy being a head coach rather than a assistant at Saints, or Andrew Henderson.

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    Taken from TRL.Com

    Several months ago, the club is understood to have informed Sheens that they would not be able to retain video analyst Jamie Elkaleh, a man who has acted as Sheens’ right-hand man since coming to the UK in 2015.

    Elkaleh was Salford’s Performance Analyst when Sheens arrived at the club and followed him to Hull Kingston Rovers when he took on the coaching role with the Robins. He then linked up with Sheens again upon making the move to Widnes.

    But it’s believed the club notified Sheens earlier this year that they would not be able to retain him next season and that is thought to have deeply hurt the 69-year-old.


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    Thoroughly disappointed by this news. Maybe the whole truth wont ever come out, but certainly seems odd timing – especially as Sheens appears keen to remain in the UK.

    Think today has felt as low for the club as it felt high when he was appointed.

    If the stuff about the assistant coach has contributed to it, then the club needs to look at itself. Can’t just have a head coach and nothing else. Purtill was frustrated as he wasn’t afforded an assistant either.

    If it was a financial issue, why not ask VIQI to contribute?

    The concern is how this will affect the players we have signed up, even if there will be no action until March.

    Even more uncertainty ahead now than what was feared due to COVID.

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    With training due to start in November a quick move is required. Nature will fill a void so don’t leave one!

    Sounds weird that we can’t afford an assistant. Are we really that badly off? It will certainly put people off applying for the post.

    Problem is that with the furlough stopping cash will fall away quickly.

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    Some hard questions need asking regarding an assistant coach.

    Purtill signing a contract then walking, followed by Sheens going half way through with murmurings about an assistant, could we go a squad player less to pay some way towards an assistant?

    Has the end of DR meant any money potentially earmarked for an assistant now needs to be put into players?

    Typical of the last few years at Widnes though, optimism smashed when it feels like we are moving forwards..

    Who next?

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    I think the club have to release a further statement to tell us how we’ve got to this point.

    If its regarding an assistant coach- tell us. If its not regarding an assistant coach-tell us. Telling us why we’ve lost one of the most highly regarded coaches in the sport needs to be told. As fans we deserve an answer. Not saying anything just leads to rumours.


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    You can’t run a RL side with no assistant coach, whether that be a kids under 7s side or a SL outfit.


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    What doesn’t add up for me, is that in the Total RL article it says that Sheens was told ‘several months ago’ about his analyst not being retained.

    So unless something else was in place and fell through/was altered by the board: why today?

    So I agree, more clarity needed.



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    Very odd, you can’t just say he’s resigned with no further comment. Also no statement from Sheen’s included about his time at the club or why he’s leaving.  You can’t have the fans bailing out the club and paying monthly in to VIQI and then just saying no further comment.

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    Very odd, you can’t just say he’s resigned with no further comment. Also no statement from Sheen’s included about his time at the club or why he’s leaving. You can’t have the fans bailing out the club and paying monthly in to VIQI and then just saying no further comment.

    Beat me to it, did the board not promise clarity and openness to the fans ?

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    The more I think about this, the more disappointing it is. We maybe won’t get a coach of his ability in the next 50+ years.

    If the rumours about the academy (closing) are true too,  it will be another hammer blow.

    Just seems it’s negative after negative at the minute.

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    Very disappointing and the timing stinks. Waiting for the refund process to be completed then kick the fans who have just donated their season ticket money in the face.
    The new ownership promised transparency, but this is totally the opposite and just leads naturally to fans/media making negative assumptions about the reasons. The club need to be honest, is it the Stat man being released? is it the end of furlough making him too costly? is it hes not happy with the likely investment in the rest of the squad? has he got more guarenteed money elsewhere? does he want a return home? Just be honest and give the reasons. If it is financial explain why.

    It is really bad news losing such an experienced coach who had got the fans more positive about the next season. There are players recruited and chosen to stay based on Sheens being the coach, how will they now react?

    We should be better placed than most clubs with many old debts gone, VIQI money, generous landlord and a vastly reduced back office/coaching set up yet clubs like York, Featherstone, Sheffield are putting us to shame, not to mention Leigh and Toulouse. Surely we should have an assistant coach. No other club are losing their coach because of the Covid situation.

    Is Phil Finney the issue? Last 1 remaining from the old regime. Is it him making these key rugby decisions or is it the board?

    Its so hard not to be negative with Widnes. 1 thing after the other. 2nd year running this has happened now, that is poor management in anyones book.




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    Tim Sheens gave me hope that his squad of players would deliver  a far better season on the pitch next year.

    His departure could have a negative impact on the renewal of season tickets,  as I can’t think of any possible replacement with similar knowledge and experience of the game.

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    I suppose if we only start in March then there is a lot of time for the furore to settle and for the new guy to get his feet under the table. Hopefully then things look up.

    Wonder how much of an added impact the fluctuating Covid situation has had, maybe the budget has been further trimmed because the Boxing Day plan is out? Remember when all the Season Ticket stuff was first publicised they talked about not wanting to incur debt or take out loans if they could help it……

    What is for certain is that Sheens’ departure is a huge blow and that Finney et al need to be very careful with what they do next.


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