Player of the year to leave!

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    On our support, the 2005 relegation was a big blow because actually our attendances were pretty good at that stage. By and large, our attendances in the Championship are circa 3000, whether that be now, 20 or 10 years ago. I think considering we haven’t won a top flight honour for 28 years and have had less than 10 good seasons in the summer era, that’s not bad at all.

    On SKY, we will find out soon enough: saw an advert for the new NFL channel this morning, feels like SKY are really moving further into the perceived glamour of Big City Sport: not sure Castleford v Huddersfield is high up on their agenda compared to San Francisco 49ers v Miami Dolphins…..

    On Macgraff: a Kenny Baker Mark II signing would be good, some of the Dewsbury forwards looked decent.


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    I think there’s also a generation gap that happens every few years. 2015 they was a lot of young lads going the away games and by 2017 there was very few. Where I sat in the north stand a few fellas brought their kids, I noticed the last three or four years, these kids stopped going.

    There’s also a generation of Widnes fans who were born in the 60s or 70s, seen us win everything and now can’t get themselves back involved at the club because to them “it’s not the same anymore”

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    Judging by the Wigan share switching they are well into the mix with billionaire backing. Having seen the good times and the bad its never ‘the same anymore!’

    That, to quote Wayne Bennett, is ‘the nature of sport’. Teams change and that makes me want to see how the new players perform.

    I have gone past wanting SL desperately and would be happy with an honest competition of similar clubs.

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